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Archive for the 'General' Category


Now THAT is Embearassing

I was looking over my websites and found something very emBEARasssing – I haven’t posted here in 10 months!!! No way, how did that happen?!?! Well……….. I wish I knew. As I prepare to get some fresh material up here, how about a blast from the past and enjoy the 7 part series I created […]


Exciting New Projects (?) coming

A couple of years ago I was at Michaels teaching a knit/crochet class when I looked across the aisle and saw 1 Cricut machine left over at the ‘Day After Thanksgiving’ price.  I could not resist.  I picked it up, purchased it and took it home. ….where it sat in the closet.  Until today! I […]


Cleaning Up My Craft Room

I could not stand it any longer. I had started taking things out of my bedroom, dining room and sitting room where I had multiple projects underway and dropping them into my craft room. This is the result. I was unable to step into the room any more. Armed with a audio book through Audible, […]


A New Year–A New Start–A New Word

2012 has bid farewell, and 2013 begins anew. Last year was the first time I had worked on a WORD for the year. The word was “Unfinished”.  A lot of things went unfinished, including my posting. I have not been diagnosed with A.D.D.  I know several who have been diagnosed and take medication for it. […]



I have been down with lot of pain for the last several weeks so that has kept be away from the computer and therefore put me way behind in my weekly posts. The good thing, however, is that my hooks and needles have been busy. First, the cutest thing ever would be the horse I […]


UNFINISHED–Week 6 and 7

These past two weeks have been ‘’unfinished’.  I don’t think I have completed a single thing! The two bears I was working on – same pattern different yarn sizes – has gone untouched. I will probably frog the large one and start over as I don’t think I calculated the hook size correctly on the […]



It’s been a busy week. I committed to spend last weekend making a couple of small bears for someone and also to test a teddy bear pattern for a designer. Here is a look at the finished projects. Panda and Teddy are approximately 6 inches tall. This “Gift Bear” holds a gift card in the […]


365 Days

I have enjoyed Crochet Concupiscence for some time now.   Recently I have had the pleasure of corresponding with its blogger, Kathryn having won 3 (so far) of the 31 Days of Giveaways this month and sponsoring one of her giveaways this month. She is a very pleasant person I enjoyed conversing with. She faithfully blogs […]


5,4,3,2,1 things….

CRAFT, an online craft website I enjoy following, has posted a request for information about individual crafters.  I have been going through pictures of items on and off my knitting needles and crochet hooks, I thought I’d take a break and spend few moments to tell you a little about myself. ONE project you are […]


Mario Party

I have been recovering from surgery and while resting I started playing Super Mario Brothers 3 on my Wii.  I don’t play any better today than I did years ago on the original Nintendo system. But I enjoy running Mario through the various mazes and protecting him from the ghosts. Also on the Wii I […]

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