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Archive for the 'Projects' Category


A TuTu Cue Purse

I found this cute pattern by SnappyTots and immediately made the purchase.  After showing the picture to my niece, she gave me the colors desired and I went to work. I found a bright pink corduroy fabric remnant on clearance for a lining. I didn’t add the belt as the pattern suggested, next time I […]


My Mom’s Cup

After several failed attempts with a pinterest suggestion, I finally achieved success. There are thousands and thousands of posts of using a Sharpie to decorate cups and plates. I tried 4 times, none of them worked!!  What’s the problem!?!? I saw a post pass by suggesting oil based Sharpie or other interpretations.  Great, except I […]


Break Time is Over

I didn’t realize how long it had been since I posted.  Life has invaded and I did set down my yarn for a bit.  However, I had been productive. (don’t panic – the yarn is getting active again) I organized my craft room!!  Too bad it doesn’t look like that anymore 🙁 I made this […]


TeddyBear Knit Along–Week 5

This week we knit our last pieces – the arms.  The directions are similar as with other pieces WITH ONE EXCEPTION. This pattern has a stitch that reads K2tog tbl. This translates to Knit 2 Together Through Back Loop.  When you knit 2 together you typically knit in the front of the stitch. This time […]


Teddy Bear Knit Along–Week 4

We are into the 4th week and now have the head, body, snout and ears made. This week we will make 2 legs. You will be using stitches similar to those used in the body for shaping. When you bind off it will look like this. Later we will fold this over and stitch it […]


Teddy Bear Knit Along–Week 3

If you haven’t started your bear yet, DON’T WORRY!!   RELAX!!  These are blog posts. That means you can just scroll back to Week 1 and get started at your leisure. Week 1 we made the body. It is 2 pieces. Week 2 we made the head knitting flat in 1 piece.   The round shape […]


Teddy Bear Knit Along–Week 1

We are ready to begin. Have you downloaded the pattern and gotten your supplies together? (see the prev post) This week we will make the body.  It is made in two pieces which we will stitch together later. You start at the neck and work down.  You will do increasing for the belly by increasing […]


A Teddy Bear Knit Along

While enjoying the Etsy Craft Party a few months ago, there was a discussion about some of the bears and dolls I make. Melissa is one of the participants who is also a friend and  has been in my Knit and Crochet Bible Study classes and other craft projects with me. She asked about doing […]


Doll-along winner at Fresh Stitches

Well, I submitted my doll into the doll-along contest at Fresh Stitches (see prev posts for details on the process of creating this doll) This was one of 40 entries. Fresh Stitches announced the winner and posted pictures of all the entries. It would have been tough to pick a winner from the selection. I […]


Fresh Stitches Doll Along is complete

She is complete! As you know, I have been participating in the Fresh Stitch Doll Along using patterns from her ebook ‘A Doll Like Me’. I loved the pattern. It is well written and offers so many ways to personalize the doll that no 2 dolls will be alike. In my previous posts you saw […]

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