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Archive for the 'Recycle' Category


Make a Gift Pouch from a Greeting Card

As a crafter I love to recycle and seldom do I throw something away. You never know what creative idea will lighten up my mind’s eye to reuse an object.  One thing I tend to keep is a card; birthday, Christmas, encouragement, etc. Here is a reprint from wikiHow to reuse those cards.     […]


Plastic Straws Make Lovely Gift Decoration

Most of my blogs are on knit or crochet items because that is what I do most. Once the project it complete it needs to be wrapped if given as a gift.  I came across this decoration method using plastic straws and was intrigued enough to offer the idea up to you. How to Decorate […]


Can this project be saved?

While cleaning out my inbox I ran across this article about a sweater knit in wool and acrylic that somehow ended up in the washer and dryer.  It did shrink to the point that the neck is now too small to go over the head of a child. Solution? Add a zipper.  Check out the […]


You Can Make This

Looking for new ideas of projects.  Check out YOU CAN MAKE THIS DOT COM . A newsletter offering a wide variety of projects. Need craft ideas for a baby gift? Got it. Want to make some jewelry?  Got it. Handbags? Clothing? Kids projects?  All there. Some patterns are free and others are at a minimal […]


My Crochet Tote from Plastic Bags

After reading the how to on preparing plastic bags for knit or crochet, I dug into my bin of bags and got started.  I found this patter for a tote at Marlo’s Crochet Corner.   Here is my progress so far. I have used 8 Walmart bags. It measures 11” by 8” at this time.  […]

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