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Archive for September, 2007


Meet Purl

I wanted a teddy bear to use as a mascot for this weblog so I went through all kinds of patterns. I decided upon one that was featured in Prima Magazine January 2005 and posted on their website. The problem is I don’t care for the knitted stitch as the bear body.  I knitted a […]


Knit Bible Study – Semester 1

I recently posted about the first meeting of a Knitting Bible Study I hosted. I received some emails asking for details of the study. Here is my copy of the first semester. In this semester you will teach Cast On (I taught long tail for this lesson), Knit, Purl, Decrease, and Increase (yarn over and […]


Bears and Sweaters and Patterns, oh my !!!

Any one who knows me becomes immediately aware of my love for teddy bears. Teddy bears of all kinds. Add that to my love for knitting and crocheting and crafting in general then you can imagine my excitement when I ran across this linking page at Knitting Pattern Central.  It is a list of links […]


Be still….. and knit

One of the comments made at our recent knitting class was “this is supposed to be relaxing??”.  I just received a newsletter from “Creative Knitting Magazine” with some information that sounded interesting. A study by the Harvard Medical School Mind/Body Institute showed that when knitting (or crocheting) a person’s heart rate and blood pressure can […]


Cro-Knit Project completed

I just finished my first cro-knit scarf and hat.  It was fun and easy to do. There are several names for this on the internet; cro-knit, crocheknit, crowknit. I am putting together pictures on the process. I mismeasured my head so the hat is a bit too snug, but the set looks nice and I […]


You Knit Me Together

Have you read the story of the creation of the earth and of man?  Read Genesis 1 and Genesis 2:7.  God SPOKE the world into existence. He SPOKE and created the heavens, the earth, the skies, the water but he CREATED man.  He reached down and formed man and blew the breath of life into […]



I had the pleasure of meeting Saundra Lunceford of Grassy Ridge Fiber Works at the Chautauqua in the Park festivities in Chillicothe, Missouri. She was offering demonstrations on a technique she calls “Crow-Stick Crocheting” using a double ended crochet hook carved from wood .  She had blankets, scarves and hats on display. I sat beside […]


Barbie Sweater and BellBottoms

       Twenty or more years ago I made Barbie clothes for my nieces. Now they are mothers and their daughters are playing with their old Barbies, but after all these years Barbie doesn’t have a thing to wear. I found this set of patterns by CEClark.  Patterned to be knitted with Canadian size 9 needles […]


Keep a Knitting Journal

I am doing some decluttering of my craft items. An endless task, I know, but I have found several photo albums I started where I had taken pictures of many of the items I made. I found an interesting item online today: A Knitting Journal.  Created and offered as a free pdf download by Kathryn […]


Knitting Bible Study started tonight.

I just got back from leading the first session of a Knitting Bible Study. The first question everyone asks is “how do you combine knitting and bible study?” .     We started tonight with a study of the creation. When God made the earth, the sky, the animals, and the plants he spoke them into existence. “God […]

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