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Archive for August, 2011


Science Proves It: Knitting is Healthy

I have found for myself the benefits of knitting to help cope with pain, to relax. Now we have scientific proof of the health benefits knitting provides. This video is a CBS News Report (in time this video will not be available as other news reports are posted) Watch the news report at:



I want to organize my craft area.  Currently it is spread throughout the house.  I have so many works in process that I don’t know what I have on the hooks and needles any more. So I started to go through all the various boxes, totes, shopping bags and drawers. Here are a few of […]


Casting On

I learned to knit as a child in 4H. That was a lot of years ago.  Anyway…. I was taught the Long Tail Cast On and honestly believed it to be the only way to cast on until about 5 years ago when I learned the Knit Cast On. I like the Long Tail Cast […]


Knitted Teddy Bear Giveaway

I posted earlier about my favorite knit pattern for a teddy bear. During a recent closet clean up I found that I had made several of these bears in various sizes and with differing yarns. So in an effort to let everyone know about my facebook page, I decided to offer up a prize of […]

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