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Finished, Unfinished and Planned

I have not posted in awhile.  Unfortunately the weather has been kicking my butt and my focus has been wacky.

But… I have started a number of projects. I even finished a couple Smile

I knitted a few more teddy bears. 



I found some beautiful yarn at Tuesday Morning.  When I finished with the same bear pattern it appeared to be more of mouse. So I added whiskers and a long tail.

I have been helping test some patterns for crochet designers. Finished up a few items there.



I haven’t touched either of the 2 sweaters I started earlier this year.  I am working on an Elvis Presley doll commissioned by a friend. I have the body finished, except the head. I need to embellish the white outfit with bling. The head scares me. It has to be right and capture his personality or the whole thing is a fail.   I am making hats for the younger generation in my extended family. Basically they are all getting beanie hats that I will modify to show off some character: Hello Kitty, Angrey Bird, etc.  I am getting ideas from the parents so I know what to make.

I found a pattern for Penguins of Madagascar.  I have the bodies finished. Now to put them together, add feet, fins and face.  I hope to add some wire to the fins so my granddaughter can post them.

I learned to knit the ruffle scarf with Sashay yarn from Red Heart.  Now I need to learn to crochet one.

So, as you can see, I have been busy.  I have been asked to make 6 dishcloths and 6 potholders, only got 1 of each done. And every day the internet shows me more and more fun projects I could make.

If I can resist temptation, I will get some projects completed.  In the meantime,

Happy Stitching,


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