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My stashes uncovered

I thought I had my stash pretty well hidden, you know, a little bit in this closet, some in the drawer, a little more in a box under the bed. I didn’t think he’d know how much yarn I had stashed away. Until we had to move some furniture and things to make room for new cable service. Ooooppps.  Hubby saw the stash. Or should I say, stashes.   I am currently looking through all my patterns to fit my stash.  I decided my favorite yarn at this time must be Red Heart because that is what most of the stash is made up of.

Since I won’t be stopping by Joann’s in the near future for yarn (this is written only so my husband will believe it, I know you won’t) here is a link to Joann’s Red Heart yarn.  Hmmm, wait a minute, I can order and not leave the house. This won’t take away from knitting time AND I can honestly tell hubby I didn’t go to the store!!!! 

This online shopping thing just might be a clever idea.

Red Heart Classic Yarn

Red Heart Classic Yarn

"Classic Yarn-Emerald: Classic is an all-purpose yarn which features a traditional hand and excellent wash performance. Ideal for afghans, sweaters, accessories and more. Care:Machine wash and dry * 100% acrylic * Solids: 3-1/2 ounces (99 grams) 198 yards * Ombres: 3 ounces (85% grams) 174 yards * 4""=17 stitches on size 8 needles. Suggested crochet hook: I9 * We will try to match dyelots, but dyelots are not guaranteed"

Red Heart Classic Yarn



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