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TeddyBear Knit Along–Week 5

This week we knit our last pieces – the arms.  The directions are similar as with other pieces WITH ONE EXCEPTION. This pattern has a stitch that reads K2tog tbl. This translates to Knit 2 Together Through Back Loop. 

When you knit 2 together you typically knit in the front of the stitch. This time you will you knit but stitch your needle into the back of the stitch instead of the front.

Now pay close attention because has you also do a K2tog, the usual way. Here is what you will end up with.

Now, IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCED, you can try to make both arms at one time.  You do this by working with 2 skeins OR as I did, from using both ends of the skein.   Cast on with one end then pick up the other end and cast one.  Work a row on one, change yarn, work the other.  Be careful that you do not carry your yarn over to the 2nd arm.

There is a big plus to working this way.  Sometimes you loose count and one piece could end up 1 or 2 row off. This way your rows are always the same.   Also, you don’t do one, then get frustrated or busy and not complete the other.

Work each end. Turn your skein so the threads don’t get tangled.  Hey, this is a learning project, try it. If  you like it, you will use it again. If you don’t  you don’t have to do it again. It’s always fun to learn new techniques.

Anyway, next week we will seam up this bear.   I do hope you enjoyed the project. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Until next week, bear hugs from


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