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Teddy Bear Knit Along–final

Sorry for the delay in this post. I honestly thought I had it posted.  We wiped out the website and reloaded it and I neglected to upload this one.  My apologies.  I hope it did not delay your completing your own bear.

All parts of the bear are now knitted. 

It is time to stitch and fill each part with fiberfill.  ***NOTE – If you wish to use plastic pieces for the nose and or eyes, be sure to anchor them before filling.***


Do not overstuff but do not understuff either.  Be sure to spread the fiberfill through the piece and do not ‘clot’ it as pieces.  Roll the pieces in your hands to evenly distribute the filler after each addition.

Now, stitch the head and body together.

Add the arms and legs.

You are almost finished!  Can you see the personality of your bear begin to shine through? 

I used black felt for the nose and eyes.  I glued mine on with Liquid Stitch.    You could also use embroidery floss and embroider the features. As noted above, if done before stuffing you could use plastic pieces.

You have now completed your teddy bear!!!  

I would love to hear about your bear and see pictures.   Please use the comment feature with this blog OR go to my face book page and post a picture there

Until the next stitch,


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