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My Mom’s Cup

After several failed attempts with a pinterest suggestion, I finally achieved success.

There are thousands and thousands of posts of using a Sharpie to decorate cups and plates. I tried 4 times, none of them worked!!  What’s the problem!?!?

I saw a post pass by suggesting oil based Sharpie or other interpretations.  Great, except I couldn’t find any.

I went into Michaels hoping to find what I needed. Nothing was found in the Sharpie aisle.  Finally, in a whole separate section I found these Craft Paint Pens.


I could have purchased a package of 6 pens in various colors for $10, but since I was fearful this wouldn’t work, I purchased this 2 pack of black paint pens for $3.  (I will be going back for the colorful set.)

After writing my message on the cup, I placed it in the oven 350 degrees for 20 minutes. I let it sit for several hours on the counter.  I then tried to wash it by hand, and the print stayed!!!  (I wish I could find the website where I got the details of how to heat set the paint and the warning to not put it in the dishwasher)

Here is what I gave my mom.


I am so excited it finally worked!  I will be making more.


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