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Just say the word "Clearance" and I’ll be there

My husband swears I can sniff out a clearance aisle from miles away.  This hidden sixth sense proved beneficial to my stash supply this weekend.

I had a page of couple from my last visit to Joann’s offering 40% off any craft item not on sale. I tacked it to the refrigerator where I looked intently at it every day waiting for the sale to begin. I was going to get a craft tote and this sale was going to make certain of that.

The week of the sale came and I looked at the checkbook. The sale started on Sunday and payday is Friday. That is good because the sale continues to Saturday. I can do this. Friday came and after I finished the grocery shopping and other errands I went home to rest as back pain was increasing. Experience has taught me that shopping when you can’t walk isn’t good.

Saturday came and we busied ourselves around the house. Oh no!!  I didn’t get to Joann’s!!  Disappointed I tore up the sheet of coupons and told the stash in a bag protruding from under the bed there would be no new home this week.

I am planning to demonstrate at the next Knitting Bible Study how to knit on circular needles and with double point needles to make baby hats for some missionaries to hand out. Hubby drove me to Joann’s unable to believe that with all my stash I didn’t have the proper supplies. “Where are your coupons for the tote” he asked. “Expired” I said, trying to appear upbeat. Stepping inside my face lit up and I didn’t have to try to appear upbeat. I was downright excited. The tote I wanted was on clearance for less than 1/2 the original price. (for those of you who are mathematically challenged, that is better than 40%). Some of my stash now has a new home.

You can experience this same joy.  Joann online is having a clearance sale.  Check it out.   (P.S. clicking here not only helps you to save money, but it also helps to support this site).  Clearance at!



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